Wedding Arbor

I took on the task of designing and arranging an arbor for my older brother and my sister-in-law’s wedding.

I used an old arbor my mom had in her garden as the base. After first refurbishing the arbor (it could barely stand up. several boards were hanging off the sides, and the paint was flaking all over), I then made a series of modular flower arrangements that could easily be removed and reattached. This allowed us to quickly transport it from my parent’s garage to the church, and to set it up in only about 5 minutes. It was a load of fun to put together and looked amazing at the front of the wedding – and in their couple photos at the end! All together, this project cost around $100.

Bouquets forming the top portion were simply inserted into cardboard sleeves, so that the flowers could be reused after the wedding.

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