Tales of Symphonia (Best Craftsmanship in Journeyman Class)

In November of 2015, my friend Phoenix Azura and I competed in the Masquerade at Nekocon and took home the Best in Journeyman Class award, in spite of the fact that we had entered as beginners!

This was my first competition, so I was quite thrilled at this victory, and was also her first Journeyman Class victory. Just prior to this competition (unfortunately, mostly in the few days leading up to the competition) we made numerous updates to our Colette and Lloyd costumes. I was so tired from being up the night before crafting, that I was dozing off between our walk-on and the awards ceremony.

For Colette:

  • New, large and shiny buttons for her dress – I’m so sad they don’t show up well below, because the judges were crazy about them 😀
  • Lights, and replaced fabric for her wings
  • Chakrams (not included in the competition, due to my rushed job on them – but you can catch a glimpse in the last photo)
  • New Cruxis Crystal (necklace)
  • An updated wig

For Lloyd (see costume page):

  • Leather-wrapped handles for my swords
  • Light up Exsphere (the gem on the back of my hand)
  • Adjusted suspenders, which fit better
  • From-scratch pants (previously, I had worn modified store-bought pants)
  • My first attempt at styling a wig

Here’s video of our walk-on, skip to 31:08:

And, here are some related pictures:

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