Sora and “Kingdom Key” Keyblade

Back in 2009, I worked on a Halloween costume of Sora from Kingdom Hearts II.

I made the Keyblade using poplar boards and dowel, spray paint, steel chain, a foam sanding pad (Mickey head), a number of screws, some PVC pipe scraps, light-weight rope, a hacksaw blade, and a hot glue gun.

The costume was composed of a number of things, including an old backpack, a baggy pair of black jeans, a hooded jacket, and some gloves I bought specifically for this project, plus a number of other odds and ends. I had intended to wear it to a Halloween party, but didn’t finish it in time and never got back to it. I also gave the Keyblade away, but am thankful I kept these pictures.

Reference artwork.
My natural hair was long enough to resemble Sora’s back then!
I kept the Keyblade on my wall for a while afterwards. I was quite proud of it back then.
This is about as close to completing the costume as I got.