Sephiroth (Lenore’s Choice)

I made a Sephiroth costume to compliment a friend who was cosplaying Aerith at a convention in DC.

This costume was surprisingly low-stress, even though it took a ton of work. I used an old trench coat as a pattern to make a wholly new coat out of artificial leather (“pleather”/vinyl).

I made the buckles from dowels, which I cut, glued, and painted.

The shoulder pauldrons are foam, with steel washers for the eyelets.

The sword has a poplar core, and is coated in foam (the convention wouldn’t allow a wood blade).

I sewed the wig to keep the styling static.

I later reused the costume at RavenCon 13, where I won Lenore’s Choice award (their Edgar Allen Poe version of Judge’s Choice). See video of my performance below!

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