Tales of Symphonia, Lloyd Irving

A costume a friend and I made of one of my favorite video game characters.

A friend of mine who has been making costumes for several years invited me to go with her and some friends to Katsucon, a Japanese pop-culture convention in Maryland. I cosplayed (costume role-play) Lloyd Irving, my favorite character from Tales of Symphonia. My friend made the jacket for me – all I did there was attach the buttons. The rest I sewed, glued, as nailed together as best as I could. She cosplayed Collete (another character from the same video game) for a day. It was a ton of work, even more fun, and a great learning experience.

Later in 2015, we entered the costume contest at Nekocon with these same costumes, but with some additional improvements. We won Best Craftsmanship in Journeyman Class (even though we’d entered Beginner class due to lack of experience).

[Note-to-self: gather work in progress photos and post some here]

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