Fallout 3 Lone Wanderer, Pip-Boy 3000

I made a Fallout 3 cosplay, complete with PipBoy 3000!

In March/April 2016, I put together a Fallout 3 cosplay, for which I made my own Pip-Boy 3000 out of a metal canister and layers of craft foam. I wore this cosplay (complete with a bottle of Cola) to Ravencon in April of 2016.

Parts of this were rushed, with my typical attitude of “enough procrastination, let’s just do this already!” Though, from even a distance of a few feet, the fact that it is not extremely clean work is far less noticeable, even so much that a dozen or so admirers approached me to ask questions like:

  • “Is that the pre-order model?”
  • “Did you 3d-print that yourself?”
  • “Where did you buy that?”

So, in spite of my overly-critical view of my own work, I am super proud of this and enjoyed the welcoming reception from my peers.

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